CM 75

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CM 75

Chemical composition : carbendazim techenical(based on 98% a i ):12.25% w /w, mancozeb tech.(based on 85% a .i.): 74.12% w/w,sodium salt of alkyl sulfonet 0.2.00% w/w,sodium salt of alkyl aryl napthyl sulfonet 0.2.00% w/w, keolin (neart filler) 09.63% w/w total 100.00% w/w.
Recommendation : it is recommended for control of blast disease of paddy and leaf spot and rust disease of groundnut.
Directions for use : please read enclosed leaflet before use .
Precautions : store in a cool and dry place .away from heat or open not use empty container.destroy it . do not eat, drink smoke while using .
Antidote : No specific antidote is know, treat symptomatically.warning:1 not to be used on crop-sand pests other then mentioned on label / leaflet .2. not be used for post harvest application.3.destroy container after use us directed on leaflet.4. for use in poly houses and confined areas- see leaflet.

2 reviews for CM 75

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